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Doing Business in Christina Lake

We envision an environmentally sensitive community that provides a healthy and encouraging lifestyle.

The people in the community have made it clear that they wish to attract and support Clean and Green business operations here.

Christina Gateway Community Development Association is continually working with Selkirk College’s Rural Development Institute for our community. We always look forward to attracting new businesses, whether it is to:

Work in your remote office, web development, bulk video editing; agriculture; light industry manufacturing; forestry; or our mainstay, tourism with half a million visitors passing through our region annually there is a number of business opportunities waiting for you.

Support for Your Growing Business

Christina Lake puts community before profit and you will find yourself more likely engaged with the businesses around you than trying to compete with them.

If you have a preexisting business and are looking to expand or want to downsize your business to a more agreeable size, then Christina Lake has a lot to offer.

Christina Lake convenes a diverse group of stake holders (private sector leaders, public officials, investors, entrepreneurs, local college and Gateway as your local economic development support and resource group) to help you develop actionable strategies for growth which leads to high-impact entrepreneurship in our community.

The compact population base and number of diverse businesses means that your profession is unlikely to be oversaturated with competitors and that dog eat dog mentality that can so quickly kill a community’s business growth.

We Can Grow Your Business Together Here at the Lake!

For those looking to expand, scaling your business can be a daunting task, but in Christina Lake it doesn’t have to be.

Gateway can help you identify growth opportunities and we are always looking for ways to make the region a better place for you to operate your business. We will help to uncover these growth opportunities which will help serve as a starting point and approach to economic development that focuses on core issues facing small-community businesses.

Christina Lake is known for its strong entrepreneurial spirit. Existing businesses experience significant growth seasonally, when summer tourism hits and the snow is gone you can guarantee almost three times the customers you had locally.

Our workforce is diverse with more and more young people moving to the lake as they understand regional career opportunities and choose career paths that allow them to grow here.

We want you to bring your business to the Lake!

We aim to develop and support thriving businesses providing good work and excellent goods and services that enhance a sustainable future.

Christina Lake offers lifestyle and opportunities that are very marketable, and the area has the potential to give your business that perfect balance of atmosphere and rural charm no matter your area of expertise. Starting your business in Christina Lake is a business investment strategy that can get you out of the city and into a thriving and sustainable community.

Gateway provides a base for entrepreneurs to come and receive guidance and connections to help you launch your business or help you scale for growth; we can guide you to other resources to help you discover Christina Lake’s most promising opportunities.

Get invested at the Lake!

With its natural beauty and adjacency to important boundary locales, Christina Lake is a great location for starting a new business.

If you are an entrepreneur, a visionary, or own an existing business you want to relocate, Christina Lake has opportunities for you.

Our business community has many entrepreneurs and small business owners that stand as a testament to the enduring business class and the marketability of our stunning natural assets.